The Best Laptops In The World June-2020

After a comprehensive review and comparison to find which are the best laptops in the world. Today, we have come up with the top best laptop brands in the world and which is the best laptop that they have to offer for you. We have narrowed it down on the basis of its overall performance in all aspects like battery life, display quality, weight, graphics, RAM, storage capacity and more.

Now all the laptops in this list are winners because they made it in the topmost handpicked list and are the best selling laptops in the world today. You have to decide which one will be the best for you according to your budget and requirements because the topmost laptops may be out of many people’s budgets. So without any further due, let’s get into it.

the best laptop company in the world

Dell XPS 15 (2019) Earned a lot of 4.5-star reviews all over the internet and e-commerce sites.

Full specifications:

Screen- 15.6 ultra HD display, Graphics- 4 GB NVIDIA G-force GTX, CPU- Intel core i7-i9, storage- 1TB SSD, RAM- 8-32GB.

Pros: Ultra HD display, Awsome build quality, good battery life, and quite fast.

Cons: Webcam positioning under the screen, but its no big deal.

Ranked no 1, Dell company has proved to be one of the best laptop company in the world right now. The Dell XPS 15 is one of the best seller laptops in the world. A little over the budget but it is all worth it. As you can see the cons are just one and the pros are many. Even if you are looking for the best gaming laptop or the best business laptops it will be a better choice for you as it has a great 15.6-inch display.

This model is just beautiful and powerful with all the USB ports needed. You are going to love it when you lay your hands on it. It is super fast and light to handle with beautiful HD display and long-lasting battery life. You are obviously going to think that it is very expensive but no problem we have listed below some less expensive and second-best laptops for you as well, so check them out before making the decision

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Asus Zen book duo UX481 Also earned 4.5-star ratings on internet and eCommerce sites.

 Full specifications: 

Display -14 inches anti-glare LED display,  Processor- 10th generation intel core i5,  RAM- 8GB,  Graphics- 2GB NVIDIA graphics MX 250,  Storage- 512GB,  1.5 KG laptop with windows 10.

Pros: Strong build quality, wide 14 inches LED display, fine battery, fast charging.

Cons: Could not find any.

ASUS also has the best selling laptops in the world today. The major reason to place this laptop at no two positions is because of its customer review on the internet and on the top e-commerce sites. Its pricing is decent and all the customers who have bought this laptop don’t have anything to complain about. As you can see the cons section has no negative points in it and it has all the qualities that are present in Dell XPS 13. And what else is needed on the laptop? It has a very good battery life, its build beautifully and is lightweight with full HD display and 2GB graphics if you are into gaming. One of the top best laptops in the world.

Google Pixel Book- The only laptop that has earned all 5-star reviews on the internet.

 Full specification:

Processor- Intel Core i5 – i7, Graphics- Intel HD graphics 615,  RAM- 8-16 GB,  Storage- 128BG.

Pros: Great design, fast and lightweight, can be also used as a tablet.

Cons: Audio quality is a bit poor, Pen is sold separately.

The Google pixel book is one of the best 2 in 1 laptop out there. The customers have given very good ratings for it on the top e-commerce sites and are priced decent. Not suitable for gamers but if you are not then you can go with this one. As you can convert it into a tablet, it will be easier for you to carry it anywhere you go. All and all a good 2 in 1 device you can buy. You can do your own research if you want but low priced items can’t live long. So if you are going to buy something then go for a long-lasting and reliable option. And as mentioned above all customers don’t seem to have a major issue with this device.


ASUS Rog Zephyrus – One of the best gaming laptop in the world.

Full specifications:

Processor- 8th gen Intel core i7,  Graphics- NVIDIA G-force GTX 1080,  RAM- 24GB DDR4,  Storage- 1 TB, Display- 15.6 inch full HD display.

Pros: Super powerful and fast, light, awesome design, great for gamers.

Cons: Poor battery life, no sd card slot, very expensive.

One of the best gaming laptops in the world. With the powerful and fast processor with the graphics, it is a treat to play high-quality games on this device. Imagine how awesome it will be to play on a 15.6 inch full HD display and 24 GB RAM.  As you have already figured out that this laptop is not so much for business use, but can be used for other important tasks other than gaming.

HP SPECTRE X360-4.5 Star ratings from more than 65 people on internet and e-commerce sites.

Full specification: 

Processor- i7 8550u quad-core,  RAM- 16gb DDR,  Display- 13.3 inch FHD touch,  Graphics- Intel UHD graphics,  Storage- 512GB SSD.

Pros:  Very fast and powerful, thin and lightweight, good battery life, great sound system.

Cons: Bit expensive.

One of the best HP laptops out there. It is super fast and has got all the good ratings in all aspects except the pricing. It has a combo audio jack and 2 type c slots with a thunderbolt.  If you have a good budget and are a heavy user then you can go with this laptop without a doubt.  It will be a one-time investment which will benefit you for long.

New Apple mac book pro-2  4.5 ratings from more than 70% customers on top e-commerce sites.

Full specifications:

Processor- 2.3Ghz Intel core i9,  RAM- 16GB,  Storage- 1TB, Graphics-  Intel UHD graphics 630,  Display- 16 inc retina display.

Pros:   Great design, powerful and super fast, great battery, awesome sound quality.

Cons: Little pricy, no 4k display.

This laptop is a beast.  The RAM can be upgraded up to 64GB and the storage up to 8TB. It has six speakers which are worth mentioning for giving out the best quality sound. The battery lasts up to 11 hours. Although it is very expensive but worth the money as it has a lot of positive reviews and the only thing that people are complaining about the display which is not 4k, it is no big deal, the laptop is a complete top player.

Huawei Matebook 13 signature edition.  Earned 4.5 reviews from more than 45 customers on top e-commerce sites.

Full specifications:

Processor- 8th generation i7, RAM- 8GB, Display- 13 inches 2k touch,  Graphics-  NVIDIA Gforce MX 150,  Storage- 512GB.

Pros: Supergraphics, thin and lightweight, clear sound quality, great display and value for money.

Cons: Expensive, Screen is not 15 inches.

The device is too a best-selling laptop in the world. The laptop is about  1.3 kg and has a very good battery life as per the majority of customer reviews. It has very good sound quality. So overall this laptop is worth buying and less pricy than other expensive laptops with the same specification, and the most important point that after months of use the customers have given a comprehensive review of the gadget and 90% of them are positive, which is great.

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