Need For Speed Most Wanted- Review and more.

Need For Speed Most Wanted Introduction:

Need For Speed Most Wanted is an open-world racing game by EA (Electronic Arts). There is also a quick race mode in the game where you can choose whichever car you want. The no of events and parameters depend on the progress of the player in the game overall. You can choose the no of laps and other parameters. There is a challenge series also where you can unlock challenges by winning races and more.

Overall the game is pretty good especially when the police are on your tail. All the top cars are there in the car lot to purchase like Porche, Ford, Lamborghini, Mercedes, and other top brands. The fastest car in the Need for speed most wanted is the Ford GT but not the most expensive. The most expensive car in the game is the Mercedes-Benz SLR Maclaren which costs $300000. You can customize the car in the garage by putting in all the high-end parts. You can increase the performance and overall looks of the car as you wish.

Beginning Of Need For Speed Most Wanted:

In the beginning, the player arrives at the fictional Rockport city to do some illegal street racing. The player has a BMW M3 GTR blue race car which is one of the best in the game. The game starts with small footage of you challenging the blacklist no 15 Razor. Razor has a Ford Mustang GT and is a hell of a street racer.

The race begins while still in the footage and then we take control of the car after a moment. Halfway through the race, our car breaks down because of an oil leak or something. Mia shows up in her car, and while driving we suddenly stop. The cops show up and Mia takes off leaving us alone with him and a lady officer. The police come and threaten us and the blacklist and then get an emergency call and are forced to let us go.

But before leaving he makes a mark on our BMW M3 GTR with his car key. After that, we are shown racing with a blacklisted member and win the race. The blacklist members are shown and Razor challenges us to a race. Before the race begins with Razor we have to win a 2 lap race. After winning the race, we race with Razor who alerts cops before the race starts.

The race begins and halfway through the race, our car breaks down which is a continuation of the earlier footage. We lose the race and also our car which goes to Razor. The footage is shown where we are shown talking with rivals and Mia. Then out of nowhere cops show up and the rivals take off and as we are with no car get arrested by Cops.

As cops don’t get enough evidence for us they release us and Mia picks us up in her ride. She tells us that Razor has reached the to of the blacklist in our car. She hooks us up with her friend to buy a new ride for us. We then have to buy a new car for us within 30k. After purchasing the ride we have to go to a safe house where Mia is waiting. Mia shows us the list of all the top 15 blacklist members to beat. After all this the real game begins.

The Need For Speed Most Wanted Blacklist 15:

1: Razor with his car BMW M3 GTR (fastest in the list)

2: Bull with his Mercedes-Benz SLR Maclaren.

3: Ronnie with his Aston Martin DB9.

4: JV with his Dodge Viper.

5: Webster with Corvette C6.

6: Ming with his Lamborghini Gallardo.

7: Kaze with her Mercedes-Benz CLK 500.

8: Jewels with her Ford Mustang GT.

9: Earl with Mitsubishi Lancer evolution.

10: Baron with his Porche Cayman S.

11: Big Lou with Mitsubishi Eclipse.

12: Izzy with her Mazda RX8.

13: Victor with his Toyota Supra.

14: Vince with his Lexus IS 300.

15: Sonny with Golf GTI.

Challenging Blacklist

Before getting to challenge Razor we have to complete races, milestones and collect the bounty. There are sprint races, lap knockdowns, speed traps, and more. Milestones are like we have to successfully evade the cops within the timeframe. And we have to tag cop cars or reach a certain amount of bounty or cost damage to the state. After that, there is a bounty which we can achieve while doing milestones itself or even separately. Milestones and bounty can be completed in free roam but not the races.

In races, the tracks are fixed and you cannot go in the wrong direction. Even if you go, it will show you an arrow on the screen. While racing you may encounter cops which will be shown in closeup and slow motion. And while the cos are on your tail, you cannot quit the game or jump to the safe house. There are only options like evading the cops by going through weak constructions and property.

You can also evade the cops by hiding in the safe spots shown on the map. Once the cops are evaded we can jump to the safe house and save the game. After completing all the given races, milestones and bounty we challenge the rival. As we go higher in the game the no of races, milestones and bounty increases. Also, the traffic on the road increases after we reach higher and higher. In the beginning, you may get frustrated with the cars but don’t worry it will pass as you play regularly. Slowly you make your way to the 2nd position after completing races, milestones, and bounty. Then you get to challenge Razor and win your car back.

In the end:

After beating the blacklist no 1 Razor you get condition 6 heat level and all the cop units are on to you. In that car chase, you get a call from Mia. She tells us to head toward a broken bridge and make the car jump to the other side. Our car is powerful enough to make the jump. We jump the car to the other side of the bridge and evade the cops successfully.

Just reading about it is not going to give the perfect picture. So what are you waiting to start playing the game and enjoy it!


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