laptops vs desktops, which is better and why?

Laptops vs Desktops-Which is better and why

Laptops vs desktops, which one should you buy, and why. There are certain important things that you need to consider before making your purchase. Still today a lot of people prefer desktops over a laptop even if they are heavy and can’t take them wherever we want. Sure there are laptops in the market that offer great features and overall performance.

But they are very expensive as well and you can get the same features on a desktop with less price. There are all in one desktop in the market that doesn’t need a lot of space and are quite lightweight too. But you have a good budget and you work online as a freelancer then a laptop will be better. Here is a detailed comparison between laptops vs desktops so you could make an informed decision.

Laptops vs Desktops

Price range: 

Desktops: Compared to laptops, desktops are cheap and offer great features. Whereas the same price range laptops give fewer specifications and are priced higher. You can get a powerful system with all the high specifications under $500 or less, but laptops don’t offer that. So when it comes to price range desktop computers are better options.

Laptops: Though laptops are quite portable and lightweight, they give fewer specifications at a higher rate. For getting a laptop that has higher specifications you will have to pay more. But you can get those same features on a desktop for less price. And as the specifications increase in the laptop the price and the weight also increase. So it gets heavier on your hands and on your wallet.


Desktops: When it comes to portability desktops are bigger in size, they are heavy, plus they have a separate part like CPU, monitor, keyboards, and mouse. They can be moved from places to places but that does not happen much and it can get damaged easily. Desktops are meant to be at a single location and not transferred much. So when it comes to portability, laptops win.

Laptops: As you know laptops can be carried wherever we go. They are compact in size and lightweight too. You can carry it in your hands or a laptop bag. people who work online like me mostly use laptops as they are super portable and are designed to be used on the go.

Easy to assemble:

Desktops: Desktop computers are a little harder to assemble when compared to laptops. It takes more time and space to assemble a desktop computer from the start to the finish. Although connecting everything is not a big deal but is more time-consuming than laptops.

Laptops: With laptops, we don’t need to do much, just take it out, press the button and it is on. We don’t need to connect any keyboard, mouse, wires or anything. Very easy to assemble.

Power usage:

Desktops: Compared to laptops, desktops take more electricity to run everything smoothly as there are so many parts inside. Also, we can only use desktops when there is a power supply. And if suddenly power goes off, if there was an unsaved data then it will be gone forever. We don’t have that issue with laptops.

Laptops: Laptop also runs on battery life, so even if there is no electricity we can use laptops and do our work. A typical laptop can run smoothly up to 2 hours on battery without any problem. Even if the power goes off suddenly the laptops keep running on battery. So no worry about losing any unsaved data.

Gaming laptops vs desktops: 

Desktops: Playing games on a desktop will give you a better experience than on laptops. In desktops computers, we can upgrade the existing graphics card and use even two video cards at the same time. And as desktops use high power they capable of using high-level cards to give you better gaming experience.

Laptops: laptops are compact and use limited power unless if you are using a high-end expensive one. Due to less space, the graphics level is limited and cannot run high graphics games. And most of the time you will not be able to add a new graphics card into it cause of limited space. So for gaming, desktops will be a better choice.

Upgrading and repair:

Desktops: Desktop computers have good amounts of space and we can take out parts and upgrade the PC as we want. And if we have to repair it all the parts that are needed can be found at a computer retail shop easily. You can add a graphics card, increase storage, and RAM.

Laptops: Most of the parts in a laptop are in-built and non-removable. So there is no chance of upgrading it completely. The only thing you van upgrade is the storage hard drive and RAM. And repairing a laptop is a little harder than desktops as getting the branded parts can be difficult and you may need to call the manufacturing company for it.

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Here are a few other reasons why people prefer desktops over laptops.

Better performance: A desktop performs better than a laptop even if they have the same parts. Because desktops have all the full-size parts and are often more powerful than the counterparts designed for laptops. It is noticeable when we see the overall performance of both devices.

Damage issues: Laptops on the go can get easily damaged if not protected properly in a laptop bag. If the laptop falls accidentally from you it can get damaged heavily. Whereas desktops sit in one place and there is hardly any chance of it getting damaged. Unless your leg slips while relocating it.

Less pricy: A laptop computer with high specifications has a higher value. But if we see desktops that have all the same features are less expensive than that laptop. Plus a desktop will give better performance.

Upgrading: You can upgrade your desktop as you want and change all the important parts to match your needs. For example, if you think that you need more RAM, you can add more RAM. Or if you are a heavy gamer, you can upgrade the graphics card to a new and better one. The same goes for storage as well. You can add storage and RAM to a laptop also but not all laptops offer that option.

All in one desktop: There are wireless all in one desktop that requires less space because the CPU is all inbuilt with the CD drive and ports on the side. All the major brands have all in one desktop you can choose from many.

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So in the fight of laptops vs desktops, desktop computers are a better option but it is all up to you. If you are a freelancer and portability is what you need, a laptop is best for you. In this case, try buying a two in one laptop that also works like a tablet with a pen. And if portability is no big deal for you then obviously a desktop will be the best option. It is recommended that you buy a regular desktop so that you could upgrade it in future

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