GTA San Andreas Cheats- All Cheat Codes

GTA San Andreas is one of the most popular games by Rockstar games. In this article, we have listed all the cheat codes for GTA San Andreas for PC. Cheat codes play a very important role while playing the game. It is almost impossible to complete the game without using them. And the best part is that without the cheat codes the game may get less exciting and less fun to play.

And as you know GTA San Andreas is a free roam game where you can do whatever the heck you want. Cheats will make your game even better. By the way, completing the missions without using any cheat codes is a challenge. And the player might have to do it over and over again to complete it. And it also may get a little frustrating at times, and that where the cheats come into play. So without any further due here are all the GTA San Andreas cheats for PC.

Here are all the GTA San Andreas cheats

Health, Armor, and Money cheats:

HESOYAM: Full health, armor, and $250k.

BAGUVIX: Semi-infinite health.

CVWKXAM: Infinite oxygen.

ANOSEONGLASS: Adrenaline mode.

Player stats:

BUFFMEUP: Maximum muscles.

BTCDBCB: Become fat.

KVGYZQK: Skinny body.

VYKPQCF: Maximum stamina.

WORSHIP ME: Maximum respect.

HELLO LADIES: Max sex appeal.

Weather and time cheats:

PLEASANTLYWARM: Sunny weather.

TOODAMNHOT: Very sunny weather.

CGVMGMJ: Foggy weather.

ALNSFMZO: Overcast weather.

AUIFRVQS: Rainy weather.


CWJXUOC: Sandstrom.

NIGHT PROWLER: Always mid-night.

YSOHNUL: Faster clock.

OFVIAC: Orange sky.


Weapons and police cheats:

LXGIWYL: Thugs tools.

UZUMYMW: Nutter tools.

PROFESSIONALSKIT: Professionals kit.

FULL CLIP: Infinite ammo, no reload.

PROFESSIONALKILLER: Hitman level reached in all weapons.

TURNUPTHEHEAT: Increase wanted level.

TURNDOWNTHEHEAT: Clear wanted level.

BRINGITON: Six star wanted level

AEZAKMI: Never wanted.

Spawning objects in GTA San Andreas:

FOURWHEELFUN: Spawns a quad bike.

CELEBRITY STATUS: Spawn a limousine.

VROCKPOKEY: Spawans a race car.

VPJTQWV: Another race car.

OLDSPEEDDEMON: Bloodring banger.


AIWPRTON: Spawn a rhino.

TRUE GRIME: Spawns a trash master.

JUMP JET: Spawn a hydra jet.

ROCKETMAN: Have a jetpack.

OH DUDE: Spawns a hunter fighter jet.

RZHSUEW: Spawns a caddy.

AIYPWZQP: Get a parachute.

ITSALLBULL: Spawns a dozer.

KGGGDKP: Spawn a vortex hovercraft.

AMOMHRER: Tanker truck.

FLYINHTOSTUNT: Spwans a stunt plane.

MONSTERMASH: Monster truck.


Vehicles and traffic cheats:

NATURAL TALENT: Maximum all vehicle skills.

STICKLIKEGLUE: Perfect handling.

OUIQDMW: Free aiming while driving.

BUBBLECARS: Cars float away when hit.

WHEELSONLYPLEASE: Invisible cars with only wheels.


EVERYONEISRICH: Expensive cars everywhere.

EVERYONEISPOOR: Cheap cars everywhere.

SPEEDFREAK: All cars have nitro.

YLTEICZ: Aggressive drivers.

JCNRUD: Smash n boom.

FLYINGFISH: Boats fly.

GHOST TOWN: Very less traffic.

ZEIIVG: All green trafic lights.

FVTMNBZ: Traffic is all country vehicles.

CPKTNWT: Blow up all cars.

GTA San Andreas Gameplay cheats:

SPEEDITUP: Faster gameplay.

SLOWITDOWN: Slowe gameplay.


FOOOXFT: Everyone is armed.

BIFBUZZ: Gangs control the streets.

ONLYHOMIESALLOWED: Our gang members everywhere.

BEKKNQV: Slut magnet.

CRAZYTOWN: Funhouse theme.

NINJATOWN: Ninja theme.


KANGAROO: Mega jump.

SJMAHPE: Recruit anyone.

BAGOWPG: Have a bounty on you.

BLUE SUEDE SHOES: Elvis everywhere.

AJLOJYQY: Peds attack you.


LIFES A BEACH: Beach party.

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So these are all the cheats for GTA San Andreas PC. Make sure to use each and every one of them while you are playing the game. Also, we keep posting content related to gaming, so stay tuned for more. Also, check out our other posts on gaming. Have a good one guys.










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